Baobab Volunteering Services

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Baobab Volunteering Services is a USA based volunteer organization with 10 partner countries in Africa placing volunteers throughout the year.  We current place volunteers from around the world in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Lesotho; we are working with other African Countries to be able to place volunteers in the entire continent.   Our team is made up of travel coordinators and country representatives that are knowledgeable and experienced with the countries that volunteer tourism is arranged. We are proud of our team members with extensive international experience and passion to cross-cultural interaction and education especially with experience living, working and traveling in Africa.

Baobab Volunteering Services assists developing countries by providing volunteers to work in a variety of jobs, including teaching, medical work, HIV/AIDS awareness, women empowerment, sports education, construction work, conservation work, school, agricultural work and orphanage assistance. Volunteers can choose to work on programs for various periods of time, ranging from 1 week to 6 months. Our partner organizations in these countries will place you in institutions which align your interests and strengths with projects where there is a real need for help and assistance.

Featured Projects
Tz-cookerTanzania Rural Cooker Project
Tanzania Rural Cooker Project is Dean White’s adopted idea in the Arusha, Tanzania area, the goal of this project is to start rural cooker projects in order to assist rural communities in energy efficient and sustainable utilization of fuel. Volunteers of the project assist in building cookers as well as friendships. Each cooker project allows people to help their families, and it is a replicable model to share with their neighbors in other places.
Featured Projects
Zanzibar Dolphin Research Zanzibar Dolphin Conservation
This project researches on the protection of marine species and to find a strategy for sustainable tourism. The main aim of the project is to ensure that there is sustainable dolphin tourism in the area, as it brings a good source of income to the local inhabitants, but it is essential to ensure that the sea-life is not put at risk. Volunteer work in the team of marine experts and enthusiastic volunteers to monitor the dolphins and collect data on daily feeding habits, reactions to humans and more. Data that is collected is fed into research studies, which will help the government to determine how to regulate dolphin and tourist interaction in the long term.