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Tanzania Quick Facts
Tanzania is located in East Africa bordering the Indian Ocean, between Kenya and Mozambique,
Area: 945,087 sq km, a little more than twice the size of California.Tanzania
Capital City: Dodoma (but the commercial capital and largest city is Dar es Salaam).
Population: Around 42.7 million people live in Tanzania.
Currency: TZS Tanzanian Shillings
Time Zone: GMT +3.00
Country Code: 255
Language: Kiswahili or Swahili (official), English (official, primary language of commerce, administration, and higher education), Arabic (widely spoken in Zanzibar) and many local languages.
Religion: Mainland – Christian 65{bd6c5963ae64e126c98faf06026d58f3008f3b550f04e603483c8bdcfcc48763}, Muslim 25{bd6c5963ae64e126c98faf06026d58f3008f3b550f04e603483c8bdcfcc48763}, and indigenous beliefs 10{bd6c5963ae64e126c98faf06026d58f3008f3b550f04e603483c8bdcfcc48763}. Zanzibar, more than 99{bd6c5963ae64e126c98faf06026d58f3008f3b550f04e603483c8bdcfcc48763} Muslim
Climate: Tanzania lies just south of the equator and on the whole enjoys a tropical climate. There are two rainy seasons, generally the heaviest rains (called Masika) usually fall from mid-March to May and a shorter period of rain (called vuli) from November to mid-January. The dry season, with cooler temperatures, lasts from May to October.
Travel Highlights 
Tanzania is proud of its status as home to the iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, the picturesque snow-capped mountain that is Africa’s highest summit and a renowned conquest amongst climbers around the world. Travel to Africa and discover the highlights of Tanzania. See how the Ngorongoro Crater is teeming with wildlife and explore the Serengeti and Lake Manyara National Parks. Experience Tanzania’s contrasting landscapes, from the game-enriched plains of the Serengeti to the saltpans of Lake Manyara. Discover the birthplace of mankind at Ol’Duvai Gorge, and witness Africa’s epic wildlife inside the Ngorongoro Crater. This Tanzania Highlights Safari can be used as a stand-alone safari or as an add-on to other  safaris.
Zanzibar — Gorgeous beaches, romantic islands as well as a fascinating capital built by Arab slave-traders and spice merchants called Stonetown, make Zanzibar a unique destination, it has Dolphin and Marine Conservation centers the ultimate way to see the beautiful coastline.
Gorilla trekking in the mountainous western border area of the country is important area for primate researchers and those attracted to the conservation and behavior. Other hidden destinations in Tanzania include the relatively untouched wilderness reserves of Ruaha National Park and the stunning Selous Game Reserve, which is also one of the largest reserve areas in the world.
Projects Available in Tanzania

Volunteering Teaching of disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the rural areas schools, orphanages and secondary schools
Volunteering with both domesticated or wildlife animals, children and communities in Africa.
Volunteers can be attached to a specialty group of professionals such as architects, engineers, pharmacists, mechanics etc
Help uplift the community through building and refurbishment projects and community development programs such as construction
Volunteering in the Medical center to help with vaccinations, immunization, treatment, counseling, education and protection of diseases and health care issues!
Make a real impact in women empowerment, legal aid, advocacy and basic human right issues.
Volunteer with organizations and centers that work with disadvantaged teenage girls.
Work with project that cares for environment, agriculture, permaculture, wetlands and natural resources management.
Internship opportunities for students and participants.
Enjoy cultural tours, adventure trips and safaris
Application and Fees

Program Cost
  • All airport pick up and drop off from the project
  • Work permit application and arrangements
  • Detailed Handbook for Volunteerism
  • Country and Project orientation programs including safety briefings
  • Full board and lodging stay, which includes all meals a day
  • Tour and Game drives (subject to project)
  • Assistance from Country coordinators
  • Certificate of Participation

What the fee excludes:

  • Personal travel insurance for the duration of your placement which must include cover for repatriation
  • All transport to the destination (ie flights)
  • All items of a personal nature, such as souvenirs, curios, gifts, clothing (work and other)
  • Email/internet and telephone calls
  • Soft drinks, Medications, and Entertainments
  • All visas for border crossings
  • Any excursions over and above your planned itinerary