children-outreach Fundraising Assistance and Ideas
Baobab Volunteering Services is geared to assist you in your fundraising effort for the funds you need to travel abroad and make a difference. With our assistance you will be able to get the following

  • Other people will be able to support you with your efforts to volunteer abroad.
  • All donations made in USA are tax deductible.
  • Abroad volunteering is flexible so that if you do not reach your financial goals we can always reschedule the arrangements to accommodate your needs.

After you apply, please request a Fundraising Kit

Fundraising CampaignFamily & FriendsCommunity InvolvementPresentations
Fundraising Campaign
Volunteers can launch a fundraising campaign online for other people to participate on the good course. It is advised to be detailed enough, genuine, and explicit on the what you want and what you are planning to do. Some of the useful links include:

vf gfm_logo
Volunteer Forever Go Fund Me


Family & Friends
Friends and family are always supportive in these types of endeavors, just let them know your plans ahead of time and make them feel involved. By introducing them fully to the volunteer project you are planing to participate, it will help them realize the need to participate through you and be part of the bigger picture. Since very few people have the opportunity to volunteer themselves, friends and family will be eager to assist those who are actually directly involved in traveling and participate. Ask directly how much you would want them to donate towards your goals and inform them how quickly you are about to reach your goal.

You might ask talented friends or family members to produce goods for you to sell or raffle.  As they say ‘many hands make light work.’  Ask them to join you running a bake sale or car wash by providing a venue, special goods, or their time and hard work.

Community Work
Local business
have always been very supportive of the members of community who think beyond themselves. Ask for a small percentage of profits to be donated on a special day or holiday. Mores so you can offer to put a good word for the business to your friends, family and colleagues.

Sell something door to door: During holiday season such as Christmas or Thanksgiving many people are in good spirits and willing to donate for a good course. Have your Fundraising Kit material ready with the stuff you are selling such as home made cookies, candies, calendars etc.

Work: Volunteer to clean kitchen, wash their car, vacuum their house, or babysit children and many more hands on activity that people always postpone and would appreciate a helping hand. Always make it a point let them know why and what you are fundraising for, and how much you would appreciate them allowing you to offer a special service that will directly support your trip to help others. Consider also giving classes or private tutoring in an area of expertise and determine your skills/experience and offer to teach others for a fee.

Events: Events such as marathon/triathlon, raffle, quiz night, dinners, presentation and more can be very effective to bringing awareness to your colleagues and their friends about your passion to volunteer work abroad. People with such passion are always regarded highly in the community.

For formal presentations to local interest group. Please request a PowerPoint file that you could use to help you make a professional presentation. This is pre-made sample that you can customize to suit your needs and audience in order to raise the funds for your trip abroad.

Powerpoint Presentaton