Baobab Medical InternshipBaobab Volunteering Services arranges internships in 10 Eastern and Southern Africa countries based on where we have partnership arrangements for volunteering opportunities. We have arrangements with different kinds of organizations, businesses, local governments, universities, schools, hospitals, healthcare centers, non-profit organizations, churches and more. If you are looking for internship not listed, please contact us ahead of time and we will make arrangements to find internship opportunity of your preference within a reasonable period of time and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Internship abroad is a unique opportunity to acquire intercultural skills and professional perspective.

Internship in Africa provides totally new and fabulous experience of a lifetime. Interns invariably make a difference while developing themselves through the process, involvement and engagement with a different culture and diverse working environment develops inner quality that are desired globally. Interns allows attest to drastic changes on perspective of life, work ethics, globe view and even interpersonal relationships. Internships gives opportunity to explore your academic work in a different context while been challenged in new ways of thinking and doing things.

Internships are organized either individually for one person, small group with friends or also even larger university, high school, church or special groups of up to 80 people coordinated for an internship experience abroad. We are capable and able to provide an excellent experience that is unforgettable.