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Welcome to Baobab Volunteering Services !

We are exciting and glad that you have decided on this rewarding journey of giving time and effort to help somebody else somewhere else abroad. First, we want to Congratulate you for this decision.

The Process

Below are simple and strait forward process of what needs to be done on the timely manner so that it helps us to coordinate your experience abroad and seamless travel. Follow the steps below and try to act promptly, these complex processes are simplified here and you can monitor your progress!

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6
Step 1 Detailed Profile, Upload & Survey
Step 1: Please update and provide detailed profile by filling the Application Form; provide as much details as you can. All information is confidential and its not provided to any third party. Secondly, make sure you have uploaded your detailed and current Resume/CV that we place you appropriately. If you do not have one, please find some help to prepare one, since this is the document that speaks on your behalf! Thirdly, complete our Online Questionnaire/Survey by answering few questions that make us assist you and others better. >>Apply Here
Once complete please update the Checklist!
Step 2 Reading & Signing
Step 2: Make sure you carefully read and sign Volunteer Service Agreement and also Participants Contract. These two documents are very crucial indicating that you agree to terms and conditions of the volunteer work abroad. Without these two documents placement organizations will not process your paperwork nor receive you for volunteering work experience. 
Once complete please update the Checklist!
Step 3 Deposit Payment
Step 3: The minimum Deposit of $150 USD is required to hold and position,  start preliminary arrangements and schedule for volunteer spot with relevant organization. Volunteers are encouraged to go ahead and finish all payments ahead of time if they can do so. However, the commitment fee of $150.00 USD ensures that you are ready to receive some tips, Official Fundraising Letter, PowerPoint (optional) to help you present in groups in order to raise money for your trip, download the Orientation Guide and your Payment Invoice 

Once complete please update the Checklist!

Step 4 Trip Scheduling
Step 4: It is advised that 45 days before departure that all the remaining balanced is paid in full. Make sure that you have consulted with your travel agent on the flights schedules and all necessary connections. Some countries require transit visa based on your passport, please make prior arrangements for that. If you do not have a travel agents we have some few that we recommend for discounted Volunteer/Missionary rates abroad. We will assist you a Country Coordinator  that will be directly corresponding to you and will meet you at the airport once you arrive. Take time to go through your Volunteer Orientation Guide, it has great tips on what to do, how to do things and best practices as an Intern or Volunteer Overseas.
Once complete please update the Checklist!
Step 5 Traveling
Step 5: Actual traveling abroad can be tricky for the first time, we advise that you plan ahead of time, remember most international flights require at least 2 hrs checking in at the departure airport even if there is a domestic connection flight. Do not take too much luggage, expensive items, extra jewelry or such things; try to be as light as possible with luggage that is easily manageable. If you have received the Baobab Volunteer T-Shirt, please make sure you put it on especially during arrival for easy identification by your host. Take as many pictures as possible (ask people before you take their picture!) and be sure to share them with us.
Once complete please update the Checklist!


Step 6 Testimonial
Finally: Many people would love to hear your story and experience, be sure to share your testimony with us and make it public for other to be motivated, encouraged and assisted in answering a great call to go and volunteer overseas. Our experience is that, once you have done it, you will fall in love with it and you will always do it. It something good to be addicted to!