Safari and Tours

There are many opportunities to go on safari depending on how much time you have and how much money you want to spend. You can make it as a camping safari where you sleep in a tent close to the wild animals and a safari cook makes delicious food, or you can make it as a lodge safari, where you enjoy the comfort of a hotel. You can of course combine the various parks in same country or in different countries. Every country has different travel attractions and we will be glad to suggest and coordinate your itinerary that suits your budget and time.



Different country itinerary, activity and number of days spent will cost different amount of money. Baobab Volunteering Services has partnerships and collaborations with local tour operators to give you discounted volunteer rates individually or as a group. Check each country’s Travel Highlights and decide which ones or combinations you want and let us know on your application, our coordinators will give you a competitive rate package to suit you and your interests.

Volunteers who are interested to participate in Safari and Tours or any expectations after their volunteer work are welcome to include that in the Registration or Application form. Please indicate clearly your interested activities, country or place you will like to visit so prior arrangements with our recommended Tour Operator will be made ahead of time.